Cara Chamberlain


Cara Chamberlain, a local leader in Montana Conservation Voters’ Yellowstone County Chapter,  is a descendent of a long line of ranchers and miners rooted in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. She became a Montana resident six years ago and has since been involved with Montana Conservation Voters as a volunteer and for the past three years, as a board member.

When asked what she enjoys most about being involved in Montana Conservation Voters, Cara eagerly explains that “making a difference in local elections is empowering,” and that she loves exerting grassroots pressure in Montana communities. Cara’s environmental passions here in Big Sky Country are the issues surrounding Bison management around Yellowstone National Park, as well as the problems encountered in the extraction of coal and coal bed methane. Recalling an inspiring third grade reading assignment, Cara points to Rachel Carson, a writer who strived to expose the toxic effects of pesticide DDT, as a favorite environmental advocate. Carson’s simple common sense and gentleness appealed to Cara at an early age, making her a lifetime role-model.

Cara has been a professor of English at Rocky Mountain College in Billings for five years and is involved with the High Plains Book Festival. Cara’s favorite place in Montana is the Beartooth Mountains, where she enjoys hiking, writing, and photographing nature with her husband, Bernie Quentchenbach.