MCV Panel on Mar. 9 to Explore Corporate $ in Elections

Montana Still the Epicenter of the Debate over Corporate Money in Politics

Last Friday, Montana’s fight against corporate money in elections took another turn.

As AP reporter Matt Gouras reported, a Montana federal judge made important rulings regarding Montana’s ongoing defiance of the “Citizens United” case, which blew open the flood gates of corporate spending in elections nationwide.

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U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell upheld Montana’s necessary and conservative campaign contribution limits, and perhaps more importantly, protected Montana’s ban on direct corporate contributions to candidates. That’s a huge victory for the citizens of Montana, because it means corporations cannot give directly to candidates. Lovell struck down a very difficult to follow charge that required candidates and campaigns that reference a particular vote to include documentation of “other votes cast near in time. “

The unraveling story is complex and critically important to our cold, clear rivers, publicly owned minerals, wide-open farm and ranch country and public health.

We want our members and folks who care deeply about Montana’s clean water and open space to understand how to fight back against Citizens United. That’s why MCV is hosting the panel discussion “Corporate Money in Elections – The Montana Story” on Friday March 9th at 3:00pm. We’re honored to feature Attorney General Steve Bullock, who’s fought hard to defend Montana’s ban on corporate contributions. Can you attend the panel? RSVP to

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