Wind Energy Tax Credits

America's energy independence depends on the development of clean, renewable sources of energy here at home that will reduce our dependence on oil, reduce dangerous air pollution, create American energy jobs and improve public health. Wind energy is an important part of reaching that energy independence and two wind energy tax credits have helped drive job creation and manufacturing in wind energy. These wind energy tax incentives - the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) - need to be extended before the end of 2012.

Wind energy companies are already cutting jobs and scaling back because of Congress' failure to renew these wind energy tax credits. Recently, several wind energy companies announced layoffs tied to wind energy tax credit uncertainty in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and North Dakota.

Seventy-five thousand wind industry jobs throughout the nation are in jeopardy because of Congressional inaction on the wind development tax credits.

We need wind projects to be properly sited to protect sensitive fish and wildlife and their habitats. Investments in properly-sited, wildlife-friendly wind energy projects can create jobs, reduce climate change pollution, and increase our independence from polluting, non-renewable energy sources.

Sign this petition to Montana's Congressional delegation asking Congress to extend these two critical tax incentives for wind energy:

Yes! I support Clean Energy! I'm asking Congress to extend critical tax incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency that are slated to expire this year.

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Please extend the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit for the wind industry. Adopt measures to responsibly site large-scale renewable energy projects to avoid sensitive, high-conflict wildlife areas.