U.S. Representative Dennis Rehberg

Representative Dennis Rehberg Rep. Dennis Rehberg

In 2005, Rehberg voted for the notorious public lands sell-off measure authored by Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo and Nevada Congressman Jim Gibbons. The measure, contained in a budget bill, passed the House by a narrow two-vote margin in the dead of night and without debate as part of its Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (H.R. 4241). Though the damaging bill was thwarted in the Senate, the Rehberg-supported proposal to sell-off hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands to the highest bidder flies in the face of Montana’s rich hunting and fishing tradition.

And Rehberg has apparently never met an oilman he didn’t like. In his short career, he’s already accepted $196,851 in career campaign contributions from big oil and gas companies (www.opensecrets.com) and has continually been a champion of industry interests over the public interest.

With all of that oil money in his coffers, it’s perhaps not surprising that he’s an opponent of permanently protecting the majestic Rocky Mountain Front from future oil and gas drilling and other sensible measures to raise automobile efficiency standards. He’s also voted repeatedly to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to damaging drilling operations.

Dennis is even skeptical about the threat of global warming - somehow believing that dirty coal can still power our future with little or no adverse consequences.

The real surprise in this election is that Rehberg didn’t make the LCV Dirty Dozen list, although by all accounts of his track record on conservation issues, he should be nominated for first runner-up.

Some other career low-lights:

  • Rehberg voted repeatedly against stronger clean air standards. Rehberg has repeatedly voted against stronger clean air standards, placing the health of his constituents at risk. (HR 6, House Vote 598, 10/30/03; HR 4545, House Vote 247, 6/16/04)
  • Rehberg supported logging in national forests. Rehberg supported a Bush administration plan that sought to eliminate the Roadless Forest Conservation Rule, a law put in place by the Clinton administration to end logging operations and the building of new roads in 60 million acres of American forest. He voted against a measure that prohibited the Interior Department from using funds to change the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. (HR 2691, House Vote 386, 7/17/03)
  • Rehberg voted against banning snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park. Rehberg was criticized in a Great Falls Tribune editorial for his efforts to defeat the bill. The editorial noted that “while Rehberg railed against Easterners, the majority of Western representatives voted to ban the snow machines.” It alleged that Rehberg did not “acknowledge that his own constituency is divided on this issue.” (HR 4568, House Vote 263, 6/17/04; Great Falls Tribune, 7/22/03)
  • Rehberg was heavily criticized for his proposal to redraw the boundaries of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Rehberg proposed legislation to remove private land within the boundaries of the national monument. Landowners could sell their land to the government but the Bureau of Land Management could not add it to the monument. In a series of letters to the editor and editorials, the plan was harshly criticized as “unnecessary and divisive,” and a ploy to make “political hay.” Rehberg was accused of harming his rancher constituents by requiring an act of Congress for them to sell or trade land to the government. He was also criticized for “spending valuable legislative time promoting a bill that panders to a few Montanans’ paranoia about the federal government.” (Associated Press, 10/9/03; Great Falls Tribune, 11/1/03; 11/5/04; 11/7/03)
  • Rehberg supported uranium mining in groundwater. Rehberg voted to allow uranium mining in ground water through a process called “in-situ leach-mining.” The techniques involved injecting chemicals into groundwater to release uranium from the surrounding ore. The metal-laden water was then pumped to the surface and refined. (HR 6, House Vote 138, 4/10/03; Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/5/03)




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  • District: MT-AL
  • Party: Republican
  • Term: 2 years
  • Score Card Rating:

    4% - Lifetime League of Conservation Voters National Environmental Scorecard

    2007 - 10% 

    2005 - 11%

    108th Congress - 0%

    107th Congress - 0%