Safe Chemicals Act needs to be passed

This item originally appeared in: The Billings Gazette


Carol Gibson

 I'm writing to thank Sen. Tester and Sen. Baucus for standing up for healthy kids and families and supporting the Safe Chemicals Act.

As a mom, grandparent and retired teacher, I've spent much of my life working to protect kids. I fed them nutritious foods and taught them about diet and exercise, convinced it would prepare them to lead long, happy and healthy lives.

That's why it is increasingly frustrating to learn on a nearly daily basis about another product with toxic chemicals in it — toothpaste, baby bottles, and children's mattresses. We keep learning about these things after the fact, often when it is too late. When will we finally have the knowledge and information available to us about the products we consume? We should not have to rely on daily talk shows to find out if products in our households are safe for our kids.

The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 requires chemical companies to test chemicals before they go on the market and publicize how safe or unsafe they are for human use, exposure, and consumption.

That seems like common sense to me, and I can't believe it's not already standard practice. Congress needs to pass this bill this year.

Our senators support these reforms that make our kids safer. At least someone in Washington is looking out for families back at home. Thanks again to Tester and Baucus for fighting to protect kids from toxic chemicals.

Carol Gibson