Safe Chemicals Act: Bill would protect us from toxins

This item originally appeared in: The Missoulian


Barbara Hall

 During the day, I work to keep toxins out of rivers and to ensure that our precious rivers, streams and ground water stay clean for future generations. Unfortunately, when I come home at night, I am armed with even less tools to keep toxics out of plastic toys, dishes and other products that happen to find their way into my young daughter’s hands simply because companies are not required to even disclose the harmful chemicals they are putting in their products.

Recently, Sen. Jon Tester and Sen. Max Baucus have publicly supported a key piece of consumer safety legislation. The Safe Chemicals Act will go a long way toward protecting us from toxic chemicals present in everyday products without our knowledge.

I’d like to thank our Montana senators for endorsing the Safe Chemicals Act. I urge all Montanans to encourage Rep. Denny Rehberg to protect our families from toxic chemicals, because the health of our households is just as important to us as our vast outdoors.