Pam Bucy will defend stream access law

This item originally appeared in: The Billings Gazette


Ray Pearson

Public access to public lands is shrinking in Montana. It's being done at the behest of well-heeled out-of-staters who think they own our wildlife and our rivers and streams. If we let them get away with it, that is what will happen. Montanans need a strong attorney general who will fight to keep roads open and maintain our ability to access our wildlife and fisheries.

Tim Fox works for the same law firm that tried to undermine our stream access law by suing the state over Mitchell Slough. It's not that hard to imagine a time when our stream access comes under assault again like it was in the last Legislature. Remember the dirty ditch bill from the 2011 session, HB-309? I do. Over 400 Montanans carne out in support of our right to access public resources like rivers and streams. Now, one of the leaders of the anti-access movement wants to be in charge of defending that right?

I don't think so — vote for Pam Bucy. She's got a long track record of defending Montana's stream access law and fighting for the average hunter and angler.