Bullock, Tester will protect MT's public lands and outdoor resources

This item originally appeared in: The Missoulian


Orville Bach

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. Want to return to the unregulated days of resource extraction that gave us Superfund sites from Butte to Libby to Belt Creek? Want to dive back down the black pit of no financial regulation on Wall Street? Want to again try the trickle-down theory that rewards billionaires while driving up deficits and debt? Want to end access to stream fishing in Montana?

That’s what you are voting for with Rep. Denny Rehberg as senator and Rick Hill for governor. Just what has Rehberg accomplished in his 12 years in Congress? Well, he is co-sponsoring H.R. 1515 which would turn over the top 100 miles of Montana public lands to Homeland Security. He will continue to work for billionaires and do away with protecting Montana’s outdoor resources.

If you liked Gov. Brian Schweitzer, you’ll like Steve Bullock. Polls show that over 80 percent of Montanans favor the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act and the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act that Sen. Jon Tester has worked for. Rehberg, looking out for his billionaire friends in the oil and gas lobby, has blocked those bills. Tester has done more good for Montana in one term than Rehberg has in six!