Letter to the editor: Bullock's jobs plan shows knowledge of state's needs

This item originally appeared in: The Bozeman Daily Chronicle


David Tyler

Steve Bullock is an attorney general, and will be a governor, who understands the complementary roles of government and businesses – both small and large, traditional and new. Take a look at “A Jobs Plan for Montana” on SteveBullock.com for specific ideas on how we can work together for a better Montana future. This is far more useful than the hide-worn slogans “less government – more jobs” and promises to reduce taxes and eliminate regulations as if doing that alone will increase economic opportunities in Montana.

As Montana's Attorney General, Steve Bullock has worked to ensure that Montanans get the best value for our shared public resources, he has led a 17-state effort for competitive agricultural markets for all producers, he led national opposition to the concentration of U.S. meat packing into just three companies, and he has worked to make sure rail shipping rates are fair for Montana farmers. Consider his record and plans, and you may agree that Steve Bullock should be our next governor. Please give him your vote.