Voter Services: Voting is the most powerful way you have to insure our leaders represent your conservation values. Here are all the details on how to vote in Montana.

Registration and Mail Ballot Status

Check your voter registration and absentee ballot status.

How to Register to Vote in Montana

Complete a voter registration card and return it to your county election office, or when you apply for or renew your driver’s license.

How to Vote at the Polls in Montana

You can visit your county election office any time before the election and get a lesson on voting, or call the toll-free Voter Hotline: 1-888-884-VOTE

Voting by Mail or Early Voting: A "How to" Guide

Montana makes it easy for anyone to vote by mail.

Polling Place Changes May Affect You!

Several of Montana’s more populated counties have consolidated their polling places in recent years.

Follow the money in Montana politics

How does it work? Who invests in Montana elections and candidates?