Ask Senators Baucus and Tester to vote NO.

Senator Rand Paul wants to block an air pollution standard that would reduce the amount of dangerous smog, soot and acid rain pollution that crosses state lines.  The vote on his measure could be as early as Tuesday, November 8.

Not only does Sen. Paul's attack abolish health standards that will save up to 34,000 lives every year, his resolution would prevent EPA from re-issuing similar standards to reduce power plant smog and soot pollution that crosses into other states –permanently blocking any ability to set these public health safeguards.

Sen. Paul’s attack on clean air will endanger lives and roll back clean air safeguard that protect and are supported by a vast majority of Americans. The protections Paul wants to block would lead to as many as 34,000 premature deaths, 15,000 heart attacks, and 400,000 asthma attacks annually.  The American people want clean air and water and they want the EPA to enforce standards that will lower air pollution and its deadly public health impacts. Sen. Paul’s dirty air plan would roll back public health protections and let polluters continue to dump their toxic pollution into our air.

The polluter caucus in the Senate, led by Sen. Paul, wants to use a procedural gimmick to ignore public opinion and advance their extreme anti-clean air agenda. They are trying to block the cross-state air pollution standard that would protect children and families from air pollution generated in other states.

More pollution doesn’t create jobs; but it does cost lives. Sen. Paul's dirty air plan will lead to as many as 34,000 premature deaths, 15,000 heart attacks, and 400,000 asthma attacks annually. The cost is also measured in lost opportunity for innovation and development.

We do not have to choose between healthy lives and clean energy. We can have both. In fact, clean air standards have contributed more than $2 trillion in economic benefits to the American economy since 1990 and can spark innovation that creates jobs.

Avoidable deaths and illnesses also create an economic drag at a time when we can’t afford it: according to Navigant’s Dr. Charles Cichetti, the health costs of interstate air pollution between 2005 and 2012 included:

Over $47 billion in costs borne by businesses;

360,000 lost jobs;

$9.3 billion in tax revenue lost by state and local governments.  

Our Senators need to stand strong to defend us from toxic air pollution that endangers our health.

Call on Senator Baucus (; (202) 224-2651) and Senator Tester (; (202) 224-2644) to vote against Sen. Rand Paul's reckless plan, and oppose any effort to halt, weaken, or delay life-saving clean air standards

The vote could be as early as Tuesday, November 8, so please contact our senators today.