Rep. Rehberg chooses politics over Montana by shooting down Sen Tester's Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

On Dec. 15th, Cong. Rehberg succeeded in stopping Sen. Jon Tester’s “Jobs, Forest and Recreation Act”, a made-in-Montana solution to protect wild lands, hunting, fishing and recreation, and to foster stewardship jobs in Montana’s forests.   The Act was removed from the House 2012 bill to fund the government.   Please call or email Sen. Tester and thank him for bringing Montanans together to work for solutions that protect our outdoor heritage, our clean water, and that create jobs.  Contact Congressman Rehberg and call on him to put away his partisan agenda.  Montana’s hunters, anglers, recreationists and workers deserve better. 


MissoulianTester forest act dead for 2011

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester's Forest Jobs and Recreation Act was not included in a House version of the 2012 omnibus bill to fund the federal government that was released Thursday morning, setting off a round of finger-pointing between his office and that of Rep. Denny Rehberg.

"Congressman Rehberg is now personally responsible for killing guaranteed Montana jobs," Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy said Thursday. "That fact that Dennis Rehberg actively worked against a popular, bipartisan, made-in-Montana jobs bill simply because Jon's name is on it shows his true colors: Congressman Rehberg is not looking out for Montana; he is only interested in his own political career."

Rehberg spokesman Jed Link countered that Tester's bill lacked support among his own Senate colleagues. While Tester was able to attach his bill to the original Senate version of the Interior Department budget, the conference committee didn't include it in the combined version.


Billings Gazette: Partisan differences doom wilderness, logging plan

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester's plan for more logging and wilderness areas in Montana again appears doomed by partisan differences accentuated by his heated 2012 Senate race with U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg.

Tester, a Democrat, has been trying to attach his Forest Jobs and Recreation Act to the year-end congressional budget deal. But Rehberg, a Republican, opposes the measure and says he is making sure that House leaders won't accept it.

Rehberg is challenging Tester in a race that is already among the most watched in the country as the parties vie for Senate control. Both sides have made Tester's forest bill an issue.


Intelligent Discontent: Tester calls out Rehberg

Sen. Tester is clearly calling out Developer Denny and his opposition to FJRA. And he’s backing Rehberg into a corner. Either Rehberg supports FJRA and helps deliver a major legislative victory for Tester or he opposes FJRA and further solidifies his reputation as someone who always puts politics first.