Become Informed Before You Vote

Just as important as voting is being an informed voter. So, before Election Day, take time to learn about the candidates and issues.

There are many opportunities to do so. For months before Election Day, the media will be filled with stories about the election and with advertisements for the candidates. Your mailbox will be filled with brochures and flyers outlining the candidates' views. Some candidates will hold debates, which you can attend in person or watch on TV, and some local candidates may even come to your door to introduce themselves.

A few weeks before every statewide election, you will receive an official Voter Information Pamphlet, published by the Montana Secretary of State. This will provide balanced information about the initiatives and referenda that will be on the ballot.

Once you've decided how you want to vote, you may want to write down your choices and take this list to the polls with you on Election Day.