Montana Conservation Voters 2009 Missoula City Scorecard

Dear Missoula County Conservation Voters,

Who we elect matters!

City Council elections this fall are important to the Missoula conservation community. I encourage you to review your City Council members' conservation votes, and use this information to make an informed vote for City Council candidates this fall.

Missoula Scorecard MapMissoula is a special place with vibrant neighborhoods, three
great rivers, neighboring wilderness, and abundant recreational
opportunities. It is the economic center of western Montana. Our
city faces a gamut of troubles that threaten our quality of life.

Missoulians expect clean air, water and access to open space. City
Council shapes policy affecting bike and pedestrian transportation,
local food production, and the acquisition and management of
parkland and open space. We need to promote renewable energy
and reduce our fuel consumption for our families' economic
security. We need to plan for growth in town and on our urban
fringe, adequately funding the planning effort. All these needs are
reflected in the past votes of our current City Council.

With your help, we will help elect strong leaders to local office who
are committed to our shared conservation values.

The Missoula City Conservation Scorecard before you was
assembled in consultation with conservation and environmental
organization colleagues, reviewing votes affecting our city's clean
air, water, and open spaces between January 2008 and March
2009. These ten votes by our twelve City Councilors make up our
final scorecard.

In the coming weeks we will interview and endorse candidates for
City Council based on their commitment to our conservation values
and their qualification to serve. We invite members to help protect
a vibrant Missoula by volunteering for an endorsement committee.

Please contact our office at 542.1055 if you are interested.

Please use this Scorecard to decide who deserves your vote.
Thanks to all the conservationists in Missoula that make our city a
better place to live, work and play, for their guidance in developing
this scorecard.

Alex Taft, Vice Chairman
Montana Conservation Voters Missoula Chapter

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